Allotment Update #4

#Allotment Update 4

One of the first things I decided to focus on when I first got hold of my allotment was fruit. When you pick up the keys to your allotment plot, or you first start planning what plants you want to grow in your garden, the initial thought might be to rush into planting lots of potatoes, squashes and so on. Whilst some of us are lucky enough to own plots that have been tended to and looked after before, the majority of us will be inheriting over-grown and under-cultivated land.

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I’m Hungary: A Vegetarian’s Guide to Budapest

#2 – The Museum of Terror and Lotz of Food

Nothing quite says relaxing weekend away than a visit to the House of Terror.

Hungary, like many countries who fell under the iron curtain, suffered under two authoritarian regimes. The Hungarian government sympathised with Nazi Germany during the Second World War, rounding up and sending scores of Jewish people to labour camps. And, when the war ended, an authoritarian communist regime ruled right up until the ’80s.

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Allotment Update #3

My gooseberry bush looks promising

Allotment Update #3

If you’re going to grow anything, you should grow fruit.

Consider how much you have to fork out for a punnet of raspberries or strawberries from the supermarket. You’ll be digging out a good £2.00 for something that isn’t all that tasty – sure, you might still enjoy the fruit on your cereal or in cakes, but you’re missing out a treat in the long run.

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I’m Hungary: A Vegetarian’s Guide to Budapest


#1 – Baths and Bruschetta

Our journey in Budapest began, not by having a walk-heavy day, but by floating about in baths. If you’re going to travel to a city that has a very high concentration of baths, it seems sensible to at least try one and both of us were desperate for a little relaxation.

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Live-Bake: Huge Hot-Crossed Buns

WP_20160326_19_25_50_Pro (2)

Today, I ran my first live-bake, and I can say that it was a success.

For those of you who missed it, I have compiled my tweets, as well as the recipe for delicious hot-crossed buns so that you can see just how incredible this recipe is.

Hot-crossed buns were a challenge for me; I’ve never been able to get a “good rise” (please do read this in a Paul Hollywood voice), and the resulting buns blurred the line between a hot-crossed bun and a rock cake. I used and adapted a couple of recipes, plus the addition of chopped hazelnuts, to make huge, light and airy versions of these delicious Easter treats.

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Allotment Update #2

Cardboard and newspaper layered over the plots and held down will make a great growing platform for growing vegetables like squashes

Spring is pretty much here and after several weeks of anticipation I’m seeing seedlings appearing in many places.

At home, my aubergine seedlings are finally poking their heads through the soil, and on the balcony peas, beetroot and lettuce are all showing their young leaves ready for my series, balcony_eats.

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